Solars Go Crazy And Stuff

The Beginning

The Beginning

Villagers kidnapped! They need help! Our heroes run off to rescue them.

In a nearby town, the bartender gives them a tip—people have been smuggled on the train out of town to Sijan, and perhaps their friends are on the next one. That night, the bar has been destroyed. Evidence (mostly the giant robot-shaped hole in the bar) indicates it could have been a warstrider. The team buys tickets and get on the train.

After the train leaves, they climb onto the roof and sneak to the cargo car in the back. Progress is stopped by a noisy fall and a warstrider. The gaurds are quickly dealt with, and the team moves to the cargo hold. Someone (Sky? I forget who…) takes a look at the mech, and Chejop Kejak materializes out of the shadows. He introduces himself, and suggests that a bunch of renegade Terrestrials really shouldn’t be messing with Solar affairs. Then he drafts them. Into the Army.



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