Solars Go Crazy And Stuff


After some time in the army, our adventurers make a pair of friends, who I do believe still need to be named. The religious monk, and an inventor/guerrilla fighter. They are all put on the same spec-ops team to serve [Solar who needs a name and will be finally showing her face next session].

While at The Creaking Coffin (the local tavern), a bunch of undead march on the city. Our heroes holed up inside the bar, and found that the idiot necromancer who summoned them hung out in the basement. After Capt. Planet helped them clean up the young sorcerer’s mess, they found a cave to the necromancer’s lair.

With little effort, they cut through the throngs of zombies and murdered the delinquent. All in a day’s work. I… uh… think they got his magical book? But they also picked up a double-barrel shotgun from above the bar. There is some debate among the group as to if it actually works or not.



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