Ikuro Dagaos

A young and somewhat bumbling Lunar artificer.


Dagaos is the reincarnation of Leliana’s Lunar mate. He is currently 23 years old, making him considerably younger than his 478-year-old fiance. Like his Solar counterpart, he has much skill in crafting. However, he is still to young to fully understand what he is capable of, and sometimes his artifacts have . . . unforeseen consequences.

He grew up in Meru, but was taken away to Sijan after his Exaltation to be with his bride-to-be. As a child, he enjoyed playing with modeling toys (think legos and k’nex). In Sijan, he has worked to improve his skills. He is most at-home with his goggles and oil-smeared lab coat on in his workshop.

Ikuro Dagaos

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