The Creaking Coffin

The only bar within the city walls of Sijan, The Creaking Coffin is carved from a solid block of obsidian—as per Sijan building code. The customers are mostly emo goth-ass punks, but sometimes lazy inhabitants of the city drop by because they don’t want to head all the way to The Shattered Casque. Or because they didn’t hear about the bar just outside of town.

The decor features large black coffins along the walls, and a firewand above the bar. Nobody is sure why there’s a firewand, but it’s generally assumed that is has some special abilities. Perhaps it even works.

Recently, the tavern’s basement was used as a base of operations for a young, stupid, emo goth-ass necromancer who tried to take over the town (and tomorrow, CREATION!) with an army of undead. After the zombies were defeated, the firewand was nowhere to be found.

House Drinks:
  • Steel Shadow
  • Leech Hound
  • Han-Tha or Dead-Eater

The Creaking Coffin

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